Each class has a curriculum that follows the National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines for a developmentally appropriate classroom learning environment. The overall school curriculum enhances the school’s mission, goal and philosophy. We have a curriculum coordinator to help facilitate planning during monthly teacher meetings. This assures that all teachers in the individual age groups have the necessary information, supplies and support that they need.

Christian Education

Christian education is an important component of our overall curriculum. In addition to learning to live daily in a world created by a loving God, the children experience formal times of Christian education. These times are a vital part of our program and are incorporated in the classroom, at Chapel and at Tiny Chapel.

Three, four and five year olds attend Chapel every Wednesday in the Sanctuary. Chapel time consists of singing, the reading of a Bible story and an activity that relates to the story. This story is emphasized throughout the month in the classroom.

Two year olds and younger have the opportunity to attend Tiny Chapel once a month in our small church Chapel. Outreach opportunities are emphasized with the children and families as well.


Our classrooms are set up in a learning center style. This set-up invites the children to learn at their own pace and comfort level. The materials available in the centers change as well as the centers themselves according to the curriculum and skill sets that are being emphasized.

  • Creative art – A variety of art media and materials are provided for cutting, scribbling, drawing, painting and creating. The focus of art activities is on the process, not the final product. Children have the opportunity to create both individual and group art projects.
  • Sensory experiences – A variety of materials are provided for tasting, smelling, hearing, and touching.
  • Manipulative – Various items are provided for sorting, building, creating, and exploring.
  • Dramatic play/Housekeeping – Clothes and props are provided.
  • Block area – Blocks and building materials of various shapes and sizes are provided for constructing, building, and developing important math and science skills.
  • Reading area – A comfortable space is always available to children. This area is used for spending time quiet with friends, being alone, or reading a book.
  • Writing – Various writing utensils are provided for creative expression.
Field Trips

Providence UMC Weekday School offers what we fondly call “in-house field trips.” These are opportunities for the children to interact with people from outside of the preschool. The invited guests share their special gifts with the children. These opportunities broaden the children’s world by allowing them to have new and in many cases, very different experiences.

Some of the field trips that are provided include: My Gym Fitness, Story Cafe, Creative Movement and Community Helpers.